3 Fun Ways to Wear Black Hair

by Anjelina Tongco

Did you know that 85% of the people around the globe have naturally black hair? It’s the most common hair color around which explains why those who have this natural hair color often opt to dye their hair another hue. 

Whether you have naturally black hair or you just want to sport black but are worried that it might look too plain and boring for you, we’ve rounded up five ideas that’ll make black a fun hair color to rock all year round! 

  1. Black hair with blonde highlights - thinking of getting blonde highlights? Your black hair is the perfect canvas for that! Your blonde highlights are sure to pop against black hair, creating a deep contrast between the two colors. It won’t be as hard to maintain as pure blonde hair, and it won’t look too dark either as plain black hair would. 
  2. Black hair with a peekaboo rainbow surprise - the peekaboo hair trend really needs a major comeback. It’s been years since we’ve had our social media home pages/news feeds overwhelmingly full of photos of gorgeous peekaboo hair transformations and we’re missing it! Black hair with peekaboo highlights always adds a fun element to any look. It’s great for when you want a dramatic look on the weekends but need to keep it smart and professional during the weekdays.
  3. Black hair with another dark color as overlay - black hair is the hardest to dye! Sometimes, if you don’t bleach your hair before dyeing it a different color, the pigment just won’t show up properly. If you want something subtle but creative, though, you can dye your hair another dark color like purple or blue (who doesn’t love a good shade of dark blue hair, right?). At first glance, it may seem like nothing happened to your hair but go out in the sun and you’ll see just how beautifully the light reflects on your hair, revealing a gorgeous not-so-subtle secret. 

Black hair may be a pain to bleach and color (ask your stylist about it) but it sure is worth it when you see the end results. Some people may think it’s boring to have black hair but it all really just depends on how you style yourself, hair included.