3 Healthier Heat Styling Options For Glam Curls

by Anjelina Tongco

Don’t you just love how bouncy your curls look and feel when they’re fresh off of the curling iron? Or how smooth and silky freshly straightened hair is after using a straightening iron? Heat styling is one of the best ways to glam up your hair without really doing too much to it. It’s perfect for everyday hairstyles because it’s quick, easy, and convenient.

The only downside to using hair tools that use heat to set your hair in place is that they tend to damage hair. Of course, the best way to avoid that kind of damage is to stop using heat tools altogether, but we know just how hard that is to give up! Thankfully, there are tons of heat-styling hair tools out there that are a lot less damaging. Today, we’ll be looking at the healthier options for hair curling tools that’ll give you the same look but with less damage. 

Hot Rollers 

This may seem old-school but there’s no denying that hot rollers work great for getting those bouncy, glam curls. What’s great about them is that they’re easy to use and they’re super beginner-friendly. What’s more is that most hot roller kits today contain different roller sizes. So, whether it’s hot rollers for long hair or hot rollers for short hair or hot rollers for long hair that you need, the kit has you covered. You can even get heated hair rollers to make morning prep so much quicker! Find the best hot roller for you here

Titanium-plated Hair Wand/Curler

Choose a curling iron with a titanium-plated barrel if you want to reduce damage from heat styling. Titanium has the ability to hold higher temperatures for longer periods of time so it transfers heat to your hair efficiently. In return, contact time between hair and tool is minimized, therefore reducing your hair’s exposure to damage. 

Bio Ionic Curling Iron

Bio Ionic’s innovative technology lets you style your hair with heat however you please without damaging it. Bio Ionic is the first to use Graphene ih hair styling tools. Graphene, also known as the building block of graphite, is 100x stronger than steel. It also conducts heat 10x better than copper or steel so your hair is heated evenly, from root to tip, in a jiffy. Bio Ionic Curling Irons also use Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ Technology which makes hair healthier as you style it. You can get your own Bio Ionic Curling Iron here

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