5 Beard Problems And How To Fix Them

by Anjelina Tongco

Most men prefer to grow a beard despite the fact that having one is not always easy and comfortable. It’s true, there are a number of problems that guys can run into when growing and/or maintaining a beard. Thankfully, a lot of them can be remedied with just a bit of TLC and the right beard care and beard grooming products. Here are some of the most common beard-related problems and tips on how to deal with them. 

  • Dry and itchy skin 
  • Growing a beard can make the skin around your jaw and your chin itch. For some people, the skin around these areas tends to dry up as well. This is mostly due to irritation from tools like razors as well as the use of harsh beard styling products. To get rid of the dryness and the itch, use a hydrating beard oil regularly and make sure to rub it in until the product reaches the skin. 

  • Split ends on beard strands 
  • Like the hair on your head, your beard needs TLC too so it’s always in the best shape. When neglected, your beard can also develop split ends which can be unsightly. Thankfully, a quick trim with your clipper or razor is all you need to get rid of the split ends. Using a nourishing beard oil or beard balm can also help prevent this problem in the future. 

  • Ingrown beard hair (chin and neck area)
  • Yes, you can get ingrown hairs from trying to grow a beard. This problem is pretty common among men and, thankfully, it’s not as painful as many people would assume it to be. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should just ignore it as neglected ingrown beard hairs can also lead to infection. Exfoliate your chin and neck area gently and make it a part of your beard maintenance routine to prevent ingrown beard hair growth. 

  • Faded beard
  • Unless you’re going for that “older, more mature gentleman” aesthetic, you’d want your beard to be a solid, vibrant, natural color (even though you’ve dyed it something other than your real hair color). Unfortunately, having a faded beard is a problem many guys face. The solution? Keep your beard away from the sun! If being out in the sun is inevitable, at least apply a heat protectant or a beard product with SPF to protect your beard. 

  • Beardruff
  • Yes, it’s a real thing and beard dandruff is something that you may well experience soon if you don’t start taking your beard care routine seriously. Prevent beardruff by avoiding harsh beard care products. As much as possible, go with natural products or make an effort to find ones that are gentle and won’t dry out your skin and hair. 

    Your beard can be one of your biggest strong points. Take care of it and you can reap the benefits! When it comes to beard-related problems, remember that prevention is always better than cure so take your beard care routine seriously or build one that suits your needs if you don’t already have one in place.