5 Easy Flat Iron Hair Tricks You Can Do For Better Hair

by Anjelina Tongco

A lot of people overlook the humble flat iron because they think it’s not as versatile as a curling iron or a curling wand. That’s totally wrong, though. Flat irons can be just as versatile as a curling iron (if not more). 

Aside from giving you sleek, straight hair, you can also get gorgeous glam curls and waves using whatever hair iron you have. Don’t believe us? Check out these 5 easy flat iron hair tricks you can do for better hair. 

  • Create big, glamorous curls 
  • Although originally intended to make your hair appear sleek and straight, a flat iron can also do the exact opposite of its job. Here’s a tutorial on how curling hair with a straightener should be done in your hair using a GHD hair straightener.

  • Do smaller, more casual waves
  • Another look you can achieve with a flat iron is small, loose, casual waves. This one is perfect for the summer, although it looks fresh and fabulous all year round. Casual waves can be achieved by using a hair iron and curling hair section by section wrapping toward and away from your face alternatively. 

  • For longer-lasting curls
  • Even the best flat iron won’t give you the best bang for your buck until you’ve learned how to use it properly and you’ve experimented with various ways to get the job done with it. To help your curls stay on for a longer period of time, section them off into small parts, create flat rings and wrap them in foil then iron the foil instead of ironing the hair directly. This has been proven to help make your curls/waves all day long. 

  • Crimps without a crimper
  • No crimper? No problem! Braid your hair in small sections and then iron them to make the crimped look last for the whole day. It’s a very simple trick that works amazingly well at adding volume and texture to flat, lifeless hair.

  • Styling better bangs 
  • Another really neat thing you can do with a straightener is style your bangs with it. Styling your hair and leaving your bangs unstyled can make your hairstyle look incomplete. Add the final touch to it by styling your bangs using your hair straightener. Normally, we’d recommend going with a mini hair straightener, but a regular one will do, too. Here’s how.