5 Hair Styling Secrets That Only The Pros Know

by Anjelina Tongco

Don’t you ever wonder why your hair just looks better when the stylist does it versus when you do it yourself? Of course, their professional tools and years of experience are things to factor into this conversation. Aside from these, though, there are also “trade secrets” that most hairstylists and hairdressers won’t tell you. Of course, we wouldn’t gatekeep such helpful info from you so here are a few hair styling secrets only the pros know. 

  1. Hairstyles stick better and last longer on dirty hair - second-day hair, even third-day hair, is better for styling than freshly washed hair. Products like styling gel, hairspray, or even pomade stick better, making your chosen hairstyle last longer. If you’re getting your hair done tomorrow, skip the wash today and freshen it up with a bit of dry shampoo instead! 
  2. Velcro rollers work wonders for fine hair - if you have fine hair that’s cut in layers, you know just how annoying it can be to wrap a section up around a curling wand and have a number of strands sticking out. Velcro rollers can help you take care of that issue. Velcro rollers have a better grip on fine hair (or any kind of hair, for that matter) and they do just as well as curling irons. Use a hair mousse for even better results. 
  3. There is a shade of blonde that’s perfect for you - olive-skinned girls are often envied because of their ability to pull off any hair color, whether dark or light, brunette or blonde. Some people shy away from going blonde because they think they’re either too light-skinned or too dark-skinned for it. There are tons of blonde shades out there and there’s definitely one that will look great on you. You just need to be brave and try it. 
  4. You can have shiny hair every day - no, getting pricey blowouts isn’t the only way to get shiny hair. Adding glaze shine/serum to your hair routine can give you the same look anytime you want and at a fraction of the price. 
  5. Use water-based products if you’re using styling products every day - using hairstyling products regularly can lead to buildup on your scalp which, in turn, can clog your pores and cause a number of problems like greasy hair and dandruff. If you’re the type who uses styling products regularly, choose to go with something water-based like water-based pomade or water-based gel.