5 Reasons Why You Need A Wet Brush

by Anjelina Tongco

A lot of people don’t realize just how many different types of hair brushes there are out there. Take the wet brush, for example. If you’re hearing about it for the first time, the term “wet brush” may sound intriguing to you. When you see one for the first time, though, you might find it a little underwhelming and it might even make you question what’s so special about this specific kind of hair brush

Whatever your first impression is about this brush, you need to trust us when we tell you you need it in your life. Here’s five reasons why. 

  • It’s not just any brush 
  • At first glance, a wet brush may look like any old regular paddle brush but, upon closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s really not. A wet hair brush is a versatile brush that can be used on both wet and dry hair.

  • It’s great for real hair and wigs
  • A wet brush works as an awesome detangling brush for real hair and for wigs as well. This is because of the way that the bristles of the brush are designed. A wet brush usually has short, firm plastic bristles that are gentle on the scalp and on every hair strand. 

  • It works for all hair types 
  • You know how there are some brushes that work great on one hair type but do nothing for the other hair types? That’s not going to be a problem with a wet brush since these work wonderfully well on all hair types. Whether you have thin or thick hair, long or short, it’s definitely a styling tool you’re going to want to try on your own mane. 

  • It’s painless 
  • If you’ve ever tried detangling wet hair, you know just how painful all that pulling and tugging can be. With a wet brush, though, brushing through your hair straight out of the shower is painless. This type of hair brush is made specifically for this purpose so you can rest assured it’ll be a painless process. 

  • It stimulates blood flow 
  • A wet brush’s bristles have teeny tiny round tips that are great for stimulating blood flow which, in turn, can also stimulate hair growth. Use it to give yourself a mini scalp massage when you’re not doing anything and see just how much more quickly your hair grows.