5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Conditioner

by Anjelina Tongco

What’s your hair-washing routine like? Do you do the basic shampoo-and-conditioner combo to clean your locks? Or do you have extra steps in between that make it a whole self-care session? 

A lot of people stick to the basic shampoo and conditioner combo when washing their hair. It’s simple, it’s safe, and it’s quick. It also works wonders for most people. However, there are also some people who want something even simpler and something even quicker. As a result, they often skip the conditioner and just wash with shampoo instead. 

Thinking of eliminating conditioner from your hair wash routine as well? Read this first before you do. 

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Conditioner

  1. It makes styling easier - whether you’re the type who likes to wear simple ponytails every day or you put a bit more time and effort into doing more creative looks, using conditioner is a must. Using conditioner gives you softer and smoother hair which can make styling so much faster and easier. It cuts the need for detangling and any hairstyle just comes out looking better when you have smooth hair, to begin with. 
  2. It brings back moisture to hair - shampoo cleans the hair by stripping it of the dirt and grease that has accumulated on the scalp and the strands. Unfortunately, that means it strips off the natural oil from your hair and scalp as well which can lead to dryness. To bring the lost moisture back, you would have to use a conditioner. A leave in conditioner would work best for this, though a classic rinse-out conditioner would suffice as well. 
  3. It keeps hair smelling fresh - don’t you just hate it when the smell of sweat, smoke and other stuff around you starts sticking to your hair? Other people will start wetting their hair in hopes of getting rid of the smell, but it only makes things worse. If you used a hair conditioner in the morning, though, you have better chances of keeping your hair smelling fresh and clean all day. 
  4. It keeps frizziness at bay - every one of us is prone to frizz but using a conditioner along with the rest of your hair care routine can significantly reduce your chances of waking to a bad hair day with frizzy hair. The best type of conditioner for avoiding frizz (or getting rid of it if it’s already there) is a leave in conditioner, though you can also use other types and they’ll work just as well. 
  5. It can help strengthen your hair - dry hair is brittle and more prone to breakage and damage. Using a conditioner that brings lost moisture back to hair is like nursing your hair back to life. Some conditioners even have ingredients like collagen and keratin to help your hair regain its health and strength. By not using conditioner, you are letting your hair remain unhealthy and weak.