5 Summer Hair Color Ideas That Aren’t Blonde

by Anjelina Tongco

It’s almost officially summer! Aside from beach trips, music festivals, and lazy lounging with friends, summer is also the perfect time to sport a new look. Everyone wants to get a lighter hair color for summer. Most people go blonde during this time of the year because it’s one of the easiest and most common hair colors to wear. Not a fan of blonde? No worries, that’s not a problem at all. Here are some of the best hair color ideas for summer if you’re looking to go light but don’t want to do blonde (your hair could really use the break from all that bleach, too!). 

  1. Rose Gold Hair - lovely, romantic, and enchanting -- rose gold hair is the epitome of girly when it comes to chic, girly hair colors. Rose gold works really well as hair color for people with lighter hair to begin with. If you originally have dark hair, it may not show up as perfectly as one would expect without bleaching first.
  2. Copper Hair - copper hair is luxuriously orange and brown so this look is perfect if you have dark hair and you’re wanting to go light for the summer. It’s an edgy look that takes guts to pull off, but it’s definitely one that’ll turn heads wherever you go. 
  3. Ash Brown Hair - most brunettes avoid going blonde because it takes time (and money!) to achieve the perfect blonde look. Going blonde when you have dark hair also means damaging your hair because several rounds of bleaching are inevitable. Looking to lessen the damage to your hair? Go with an ash brown hair look instead. This usually only requires 1 round of bleaching (or none at all) if you have brown hair. 
  4. Grey Hair - grey hair is the 2021-2022 hair trend that you didn’t know you needed to try until now. With more celebs rocking this hue, it’s clear now why grey should be a hair color you need not run away from. Afraid of grey hair aging you? Do grey highlights instead. It works wonderfully well on black hair! Or you could take your hair game up a notch and try a cool silver hair color look instead. 
  5. Get Highlights - another way to lessen the damage to your hair when you go light for the summer is to get highlights instead of changing your hair color as a whole. Highlights are ideally 1 to 2 shades lighter than your current hair. With this idea, you can do a brown hair with blonde highlights combo which essentially gives you the best of both worlds.