6 Beauty New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make For The New Year

by Anjelina Tongco

With the year almost coming to an end, many people are starting to think of things to add to their New Year’s resolutions. For beauty lovers, this time is a good chance to reflect on their beauty routine and figure out what worked, what didn’t, and what areas need more improvement. If you’re looking for beauty-related stuff to add to your New Year’s resolutions this year, we’ve got you covered. Check them out below. 

  1. Learn how to trim your own hair - a simple trim at the salon can cost just as much as a full, proper haircut. Learn how to do it on your own and you’ll be surprised by how easy it actually is to maintain your own hair. Make sure you invest in good-quality styling scissors to make the job easier and lessen your chances of botching your hair job.
  2. Start a seasonal haircare routine - it’s time to say goodbye to that generic wash-and-wear type of hair routine you’ve been on for so long and hello to season-appropriate haircare routines. Get to know your hair a little bit more and start trying out new stuff every season. Once you’ve nailed this, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it’ll make for your locks. 
  3. Switch to better brands - stop using those inexpensive brands that are filled with chemicals that can be bad for you. Switch to better brands that are good for the environment and yourself as well. For example, switch from your regular nail polish to OPI nail polish. They’re three-free, has a vegan line, and don’t test on animals. Beauty should not only make you look good, it should make you feel good about your choices too. 
  4. Clean your makeup brushes - when was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? We’re not talking about rubbing the color off on a wet wipe between each use. We’re talking about deep cleaning them and really washing them until they’re good as new. For the new year, make it a habit to clean your makeup brushes regularly to avoid breakouts and other skin issues. 
  5. Wear SPF every day - make this the year you actually start wearing sunscreen every day, whether you’re staying indoors or going out!
  6. Replace tools and expired products - take the time to sit in front of your vanity and declutter. Get rid of expired makeup and skincare products and replace them if need be. Go through your tools, too, and see which ones need replacing. It could be your makeup brushes, that heat styling tool that just doesn’t heat up like it used to, or maybe those hair brushes that have year-old gunk on them.