6 Hairstyling Hacks for Guys

by Anjelina Tongco

There’s a certain feeling of pride that comes along with doing your own hair when you’re a guy. Sure, you can just slather on a lot of gel or wax, slick it back, and call it a day. But to actually know what you’re doing and to actually be able to do something with your hands, a few products, and maybe some tools then get amazing results is something else. Being able to style your hair on your own also means looking great every single day. 

So, are you ready to start styling your own hair? Here are some hairstyling tips and tricks to help make the first few tries easier for you. 

  • Pre-styling products are a thing. Get on it! 
  • Pre-styling products are the ones that you use to prep your hair for the hairstyle you’re about to create. It can be a heat protectant, texturizer, or volumizing product. It can be anything that’ll help your hair look, hold, and set better before styling it in place. Use these before setting your hair with styling gel, pomade, or other styling products. 

  • There’s nothing wrong with owning multiples types of combs and brushes
  • Each design, each variant serves a different purpose so there’s no reason to be ashamed about owning several different types of combs and hairbrushes to style your hair. 

  • Buy your own tools
  • Hairstyling tools can make a mile of a difference. A hairdryer, for example, can boost volume by a lot. A trimmer can keep your haircut looking sharp and fresh for a longer period of time. 

  • Learn basic haircutting techniques
  • You don’t need to learn how to do those extra fancy haircuts but knowing how to do a basic fade and knowing how to maintain your current cut with a simple trim can really help make you look nice and sharp at all times. 

  • Use the right styling product
  • There are a plethora of styling products for men out there. Which one should you use? Pomade? Hair clay? Styling gel? The answer depends on the level of hold you require and the type of hairstyle you want. Here’s a quick guide that might help you out. 

  • When it comes to using styling products, less is more
  • More product means more hold and more style, right? Wrong. When it comes to using hairstyling products, remember that less is more. Using too much can leave chunks of gunk on your hair. It can also lead to product buildup on your scalp which, by the way, is never a good look on anyone. 

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