7 Grooming Hacks Your Barber Won’t Tell You

by Anjelina Tongco

Regular trips to the barber are necessary if you want to keep looking nice, neat, and sharp. 

Or are they? 

There’s no denying that barbers work hard to make sure every man that walks into their shop walks out feeling like a new, improved version of himself. But what if you can do it yourself at home? 

Check out these 10 grooming hacks your barber doesn’t want you to know. From saving money to finding the best products and tools, we compiled these hacks to make grooming easier and more convenient for you. 

  • Blow dryers aren’t just for the ladies 
  • It’s true. Men can (and should) use blow dryers too. A quick 5-minute blowout can make a huge difference in your look. Add volume to your hair or set it the way you want it to look for the whole day. Whatever your preferred hair style is, it’s sure to look better when you use a hair dryer. 

  • Invest in great quality tools 
  • You don’t need to be a professional barber/hairstylist to have great quality tools within your reach. If you’re a beginner, you can start out with the basic tools and then eventually build your collection. A clipper/trimmer, some combs, and a few products from respectable brands are some of the most basic must-haves for every grooming kit

  • When in doubt, go for the well-known brands 
  • Looking for a good quality hair tool but don’t know which one to get? You can always rely on well-known brands to deliver when it comes to quality and reliability. After all, thousands, if not millions, of people use them all over the world. That should say something about the product and the brand, right? Wahl, for example, makes great grooming tools. If you’re not sure what shaver to get, you can start looking at Wahl shavers. The same goes for men’s grooming products like aftershave, a shaving set for  men, and the like. 

  • Don’t overlook the not-so-well known brands, though
  • Sometimes, being adventurous pays off. Once you have all the basics from the brand/s you know, you can start looking at brands that you aren’t too familiar with and maybe try a product or two from them. You never know when being adventurous with brands will pay off so keep researching. You might just be a few clicks away from discovering a gem! 

  • There are different tools for different parts of your body 
  • Body grooming is a thing. For hygiene purposes, you should use different tools for different parts of your body. Your body trimmer should be different from the trimmer you use for your hair or for your face. Not using one tool to do everything from head to toe can help keep infections at bay! 

  • Disinfect and dry after every use
  • Just because you’re not sharing your tools with someone else doesn’t mean you can skip disinfecting it. Disinfecting your tools after every use is important if you want to avoid developing skin issues like rashes and ringworms. Make sure to dry them well and never store them wet or damp! This can ruin your tools’ blades which can shorten the life of your tool.

  • Use conditioner as a replacement for shaving cream 
  • Need to shave but don’t have shaving cream? Reach for that bottle of conditioner instead! It works just as well and it’s very accessible for everyone, too. This works especially well if you’re manscaping, but not so much if you’re removing hair from your face as the conditioner could clog your pores. 

    Being your own barber isn’t easy, but it’s definitely a skill worth mastering if you want to be well-groomed at all times and without breaking the bank!