7 Reasons Why You Need To Try Beard Oil

by Anjelina Tongco

Men are notorious for being so lax and carefree about their skin care. There are even trending posts going around social media about how men care so little about their skin but end up having better skin than their wife/girlfriend/sister who spends thousands of $$$ on skin care products. It’s funny and it’s not all that far from the truth. How guys end up with poreless, smooth skin on just soap and water will forever baffle me. 

If there is one thing men DO care about, though, it’s their beard. The beard is a symbol of masculinity. Someone who’s able to grow a nice, full beard is often seen as a figure of power and authority which is why a lot of guys take the time and effort to nourish their facial hair and grow it into a full beard. 

If you’re one of those guys and you’re looking for products to help you achieve your dream look, you might want to try adding beard oil to your routine. Here’s why.

  1. It’s quick and easy - skincare, haircare, self care -- these often get a bad rap among guys because they think it’s taxing and tedious. Applying beard oil only takes a minute. It doesn’t take much from your prep time, but it does a lot for your beard, especially if you’re able to do it regularly. Even a full basic beard care routine doesn’t take more than 10 minutes! 
  2. It can help with beard growth - struggling to grow your beard? Beard oils are specially formulated to stimulate beard growth. This can be helpful for those who are struggling to grow a beard or those who want to achieve a fuller looking beard. 
  3. It softens your beard - if you’re a bearded guy and your partner or kids always complain about how rough your stubble is when you hug them or kiss them, it’s high time you start using a beard oil. 
  4. It nourishes your beard - another reason why you should use beard oil is because, aside from the fact that it softens your beard, it helps keep it moisturized too. A healthy beard needs constant care to maintain its appearance, its texture, and its fullness. 
  5. It keeps skin moisturized - aside from softening and nourishing your beard, using a beard oil can help the skin around your beard become soft and healthy, too. Think of it as beard care and self care in one -- awesome, right? 
  6. It gets rid of beard itch - there are many different reasons for beard itch. The most common ones include dry skin and new beard growth. Fortunately, yuou wound’t have to suffer much longer once you start using beard oil. 
  7. It’ll make your beard smell great - it’s a trivial perk, but a perk nonetheless. You know how you use shampoo to get rid of unwanted smells on your hair from sweat, pollution, and other factors? A beard oil can do the same for your beard which is a plus if you’re a fan of strong-smelling foods.