8 Unexpected Ways To Use Your Shampoo

by Anjelina Tongco

Sometimes, in our pursuit to find the perfect hair care products to add to our haircare routine, we are left with products that just didn’t make the cut. One product that most people amass while searching for “The One” is shampoo. Thankfully, there are tons of other ways to use it that doesn’t involve washing your hair. Here are some. 

  1. Use it as body wash - running out of body wash when you’re already in the shower and drenched in water is annoying. If you have extra bottles of the not-so-good shampoo lying around in your bathroom that you don’t really use on your hair anymore, you can use those as body wash. Now, experts don’t recommend using shampoo as your everyday body wash but it does make a great substitute when you’re in a pinch! 
  2. Use it for bubble baths - you’ve paid good money for that shampoo, right? So, why not make something out of it that you’ll really enjoy? Like, say, a fun bubble bath? Most liquid soaps are formulated with the same ingredients as shampoo so both products are capable of producing tons of bubbles when mixed with water. This is the perfect way to use those heavily scented shampoos you bought on a whim. 
  3. Clean your makeup brushes with it- this is probably something you’re not doing as often as you should. When cleaning your makeup brushes, you’ll want to use products that are gentle enough to keep the bristles soft and what better product to use than shampoo? It may not be the best shampoo for your hair but it sure will be a great one for your brushes. 
  4. Wash your car with it - save on paying for car washes and wash your car yourself. You don’t have to buy those fancy soaps, just those old shampoos you no longer use will do. 
  5. Use it as anti-fog - did you know that shampoo also works well as anti-fog? Use it on your goggles or for your car’s headlights if you have issues with them fogging up. Just wipe a thin layer on the surface then dry with a clean towel and you’re good to go. 
  6. Clean your house with it - everyone wants a clean house that smells good, right? If you don’t love that generic household cleaning product smell, you can use your shampoo for cleaning instead. It’ll leave your looking and smelling fresh and clean! Most shampoos will leave a fruity or floral scent but you can also opt for an anti dandruff shampoo if you want a minty smell instead. 
  7. Pre-treat stained clothes - shampoo is, first and foremost, a cleaning product so it should come as no surprise that those shampoos you have lying around the house can get rid of stains and marks on your dirty clothes. Use them to pre-treat stained clothes and see the mark vanish before your eyes. Now you don’t need to get those expensive Tide pens.
  8. Use it as shaving cream - in a pinch for shaving cream and don’t have time to run to the store to get some? Just use some of that shampoo you stashed away because it didn’t do so well with your hair and use that as shaving cream instead. Shampoo and conditioner both work really well for this hack so remember it for the next time you run out.