Are Expensive Hair Brushes Really Worth It?

by Anjelina Tongco

Looking at the display for hairbrushes, you’ll see different styles from different brands at various price points. What makes one better than the other? Does a hefty price tag automatically equate to a better-quality hair brush? Or are you really just paying more for a well-known and more hyped-up brand? 

The answer actually depends on a lot of things. In this post, we’ll try to go through a few factors that could affect hairbrush quality and price. Find out whether expensive hairbrushes are really worth it or if you’re better off with the less expensive option. 

What makes hairbrushes differ in price? 

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when deciding whether that expensive hair brush you’re looking to buy is really worth it: 

#1 Name brand

Among the many things that affect a product’s name, whether it’s a hairbrush or any other product is the brand name that manufactures the item. Reputable brands have gone through a lot to prove that they can be trusted by their clients. When they release a new item or a new line, people trust that it’ll be good. Establishing a reputable brand isn’t easy nor cheap which is why a well-known often commands a heftier price tag. 

#2 Materials Used

Another thing that could make one hairbrush more expensive than the other is the type and quality of the materials used to make them. For example, a branded paddle brush handle could be made with non-toxic plastic while the cheaper one would be made of cheap plastic that doesn’t only contain toxic chemicals but also could melt when used with heat styling tools. 

Aside from the handle, the bristles and the padding need to be made of good-quality materials, too. You want your hair brush to go easy on the scalp but work hard at taking tangles out and only the right combination of materials used can achieve that. 

Another great example of this would be the boar bristle brush. These are more expensive because the materials are more difficult to source compared to any regular brush with regular bristles. 

#3 Functionality 

Of course a hot brush will be more expensive than a regular round brush. It does more than just detangle your hair, after all! The more things you can do with a hair brush, the more expensive it will be. Another great example of this is the wet brush vs a regular brush. Using a regular hair brush on wet hair can lead to breakage and damage. Using a wet hair brush, on the other hand, will do nothing but detangle your hair because the latter is specially designed to work on wet, fresh-out-of-the-shower hair. 

So, if you’re asking whether it’s worth shelling out a bit more than usual for a pricey hair brush, the answer is yes.