Are Wahl Shavers Worth It?

by Anjelina Tongco

Any man who takes care of himself has a basic grooming kit at home and we’re pretty sure at least one of the items in that said grooming kit is from the brand Wahl. 

Founded in 1919 by Leo J. Wahl and currently headquartered in Sterling, IL in the United States, Wahl is one of the biggest and most well-known names in the grooming and barbering space. Most known for their amazing, high-quality grooming tools like Wahl shavers, clippers, and trimmers, Wahl also creates men’s hair and grooming products to make the task easier and more efficient. 

The difference between Wahl and other branded grooming tools can go from $10 to $50, sometimes more depending on the type of tool/product and where you’re getting it from. So, are they actually worth it? Or are you better off with the generic/unbranded ones you can get online for cheap? 

Wahl is an industry leader 

Wahl has just recently celebrated its 100th year in the industry. That says a lot about the brand, especially considering the fact that they focus on a single niche which is personal and home grooming. Ask at least 10 people that you know about what hair shaver they use. You’ll be surprised to hear that majority of them will say they use Wahl. 

Wahl is trusted worldwide 

Although originally founded and currently headquartered in the United States, Wahl serves over 150 countries worldwide, delivering high-quality grooming products all over the world. Wahl is not only a popular choice for personal grooming products but for professional grooming as well. Regular guys, barbers, stylists, and other grooming-related businesses all over the world trust Wahl and use Wahl, making it a reliable go-to brand for all things grooming. 

Wahl has a wide range of products at various price points 

Although Wahl is more expensive compared to other brands (and grooming products with no brand), the brand has a pretty wide range of products at various price points. If your budget is rather tight, you can always choose from the more basic Wahl shavers and clippers or trimmers. If you want something a bit more ‘extra,’ like a full shaving set for men, you’re sure to find one from Wahl, too. As mentioned earlier, Wahl is not only limited to clippers and shavers. They make other amazing tools too like the body groomer, balding clipper, and more. 

So, are Wahl shavers and other products worth buying even though they’re pricier? The answer is a resounding yes! Although more expensive than other brands available in the market, the quality of their products definitely makes it worth every penny. Looking for Wahl products to add to your collection? Visit today!