At-Home vs Professional Hair Removal: Which Is Better?

by Anjelina Tongco

During the height of the pandemic, a lot of us were forced to stay at home and do things ourselves, hair removal included. Some people learned how to do it by themselves, others enlisted the help of their housemates, and some just never really bothered and embraced the hairiness. 

Now that salons are finally open again, you may be wondering whether it’s worth splurging on those pricey hair removal sessions again or whether you should just keep doing it by yourself at home. 

It’s definitely a thought to ponder, especially if you’re trying to save some money. So, between at-home and professional hair removal, which is better? Let us help you decide. 

Do it at home if: 

  • You’ve mastered your hair removal technique of choice - whether it’s shaving, waxing, plucking, or threading, mastering your hair removal technique of choice is important if you’re thinking of ditching the salon altogether and doing it yourself forever. You wouldn’t want a patchy look on special occasions, now, would you? 
    • You thoroughly enjoy it - find plucking and tweezing therapeutic? Or maybe you just really love the feeling of peeling off those wax strips? Even if it’s just a quick and simple hair removal sesh using your favorite depilatory cream, it’s still a few minutes you can spend on yourself. 
    • You’re trying to save money - $10 - $50 waxing sessions add up to quite a significant amount if you’re doing it regularly. Laser sessions and dermaplaning require less frequent sessions, but they cost significantly more than waxing which can also be a hindrance to your money-saving efforts. 

    Let the pros handle it if: 

    • You’re prone to ingrown hair - one wrong move when shaving, waxing, or plucking is all it takes for a strand of hair to grow back into the skin instead of up on its surface. Pros are trained to do it right so you’re less likely to grow them and need that painful ingrown hair removal treatment done, especially if it’s on the bikini line
    • You’re trying to remove facial hair - Got peach fuzz? Don’t even think about removing it on your own! Facial hair removal is a tricky, delicate process. Leave it to the pros so your facial hair doesn’t grow back thicker. Book an appointment and leave that task to the professionals.
    • You love being pampered - not a fan of doing things yourself? If your idea of self-love is going somewhere and being pampered, then you’re definitely better off relaxing on a bed while a pro does the hair removal for you.