Back-to-School Hair Colors You Can Wear

by Anjelina Tongco

It’s back to school time. Everyone has reunited with friends and classmates again (co-workers if you’re a teacher or school staff). One thing that we all put time and effort in to before this period is getting ready for back-to-school season with some shopping and a beauty session, either at home or at your favorite salon. 

If you’re looking for a new color to rock for back-to-school, we have a few recommendations for you. These colors are neither too simple nor too loud so, whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a school staff, you’re sure to be able to pull them off. 

  1. Brown balayage - this one’s always a safe bet. Brown balayage is easy to pull off because it looks natural. The highlights are often subtle and the lowlights bring a nice contrast to the dark brown hues. 
  2. Strawberry blonde - can’t stand boring hair colors but need to comply with school policy? Why not try going for a strawberry blonde look for this year’s back-to-school? This particular shade of blonde has an ever slight tinge of red to it that adds color, depth, and dimension to an otherwise boring blonde look. 
  3. Burgundy hair - another hair color that you can wear to school is burgundy. Burgundy hair looks like a mix of red and purple or violet with brown being the base so it’s the more dominant hue. It looks great in low-light (indoors) and even more interesting under the sun. 
  4. Ash brown hair - can’t decide between brunette and blonde? A great color to try would be ash brown hair. This color is great for those with naturally brown hair looking to go a few shades lighter for summer or for those with naturally blonde hair looking to tone the blondeness down just a tiny bit for back-to-school. This light brown hair color makes dark hair shinier and healthier, too! 
  5. Caramel highlights - if you’re looking for something really simple and subtle but still cute, but you still want to do something new for your look, you can always try adding caramel highlights to your hair. This color blends in well with either blonde or brown hair and creates and exciting contrast against black hair. 

If you’re a student, remember to ask your school about their policy on colored hair first before deciding to do a color makeover. For teachers and staff, stick to natural colors and neutral colors for a more professional look. Thinking of DIYing your new hair look? Get your tools and products at Hairsense by visiting today!