Body Groomer Vs Trimmer: What’s The Difference?

by Anjelina Tongco

The past holiday season had many of us shopping for gifts for some of the most important men in our lives. If you’ve gifted self-care products and tools to some of them, you may have come across two different tools that caused a bit of confusion: groomer and trimmer. So, what exactly are the differences between these two tools? Are they just the same tool marketed in different ways? Read on to find out. 

Body Groomer 

A groomer and a trimmer essentially does the same thing and that is to cut hair down to the user’s desired length. However, a body groomer is usually bigger in size compared to a trimmer. It often comes with bigger blades as well since it is designed to be used all over the body, as the name suggests. Personal groomers will also usually come with a extendable attachments to help you get to those hard-to-reach areas without cutting or nicking yourself. Some of these attachments will also help you use your body groomer as a back shaver which is great for people who live alone. And, because most guys like to be time efficient and do their grooming in the shower, a lot of the body groomers you’ll see on the market are also water-proof. 


The term “trimmer” is a vague one. They can be used to refer to a beard trimmer, a body trimmer (also called a body groomer), nose trimmer, or hair trimmer. And, while all of these serve different purposes, they all ultimately do the same thing which is to cut hair. Most of the time, however, people use “trimmer” to refer to something that is used on the face. Like body groomers, trimmers also often come with attachments but they’re more for length control than anything else. Compared to a body groomer, a trimmer is usually smaller and lighter. Interestingly enough, you might also see a trimmer included in some men’s grooming set along with some grooming products. 

Both body groomer and trimmer are useful for men who want to start taking care of themselves more without necessarily going over their budget. While they can totally get each other’s jobs done efficiently and without question, it’s always better to have both of them to use separately, just to be safe from any possible contamination and infection. Remember to clean your groomer and trimmer after every use (before putting them away).