Creative Hairstyles with Your Flat Iron

by Anjelina Tongco

When it comes to hair styling, your flat iron is not just a one-trick pony for straightening your locks. This versatile tool can be your ticket to a world of creative possibilities. Whether you're aiming for soft waves, boho curls, sleek ponytails, or textured twists, your trusty flat iron can do it all. In this article, we'll explore the art of using your flat iron for more than just hair straightening and discover some fabulous hairstyles you can achieve with this multi-purpose tool.

Creating Loose Waves

Imagine those effortlessly chic waves that make you look like you just stepped off the sand. Usually, you’d reach for a curling iron to achieve this look, but what do you do when all you have in your arsenal is a hair iron? Achieving this look with your flat iron is a breeze:

  • Start with clean, dry hair.
  • Section your hair into manageable parts.
  • Clamp the flat iron around a small section of hair.
  • Gently twist the flat iron 180 degrees away from your face. Alternatively, you can also wrap the hair around the iron’s body and leave it there for 5 to 10 seconds. 
  • Slowly glide the flat iron down the hair shaft.
  • When releasing the hair, pull right and straight down to create a bit of tension. 
  • For added texture and hold, spritz some texturizing spray through your waves

Effortless Twists

This hairstyle is effortless, stylish, and cute! It’s perfect for younger people who just want to add a subtle touch of texture and depth to their tresses. Here’s how you can create textured twists with your flat iron:

  • Take a small section of hair and twist it away from your face.
  • Clamp the flat iron near the root.
  • Gradually slide it down while maintaining tension then release. 
  • For extra texture, you can coil up the twisted sections and clamp the coils for 10-20 seconds before releasing them. 
  • Repeat for all sections.

Zigzag Waves

Another look that you can create with the help of your trusty hair straightener is the Zigzag Wave. Usually, you’d use a foam form to create this look, but with the right tool and technique, you can recreate it with your flat iron too! Here’s how to create the Zigzag Wave for a fun and playful look: 

  • Clamp the hair iron near the root.
  • Quickly and intermittently twist and slide the flat iron down the hair.
  • Repeat for all sections.
  • Use a heat-protective spray to keep your hair healthy during styling.

Your flat iron is more than just a tool for straightening your hair; it's a gateway to an array of creative hairstyles. Whether you're in the mood for waves, curls, sleek styles, or textured twists, your flat iron has got you covered. So, don't be afraid to experiment, and let your inner stylist shine. Wanna try curling hair with a straightener but don’t have one? Check out these highly recommended and professionally trusted tools from Hairsense