Curling Iron Tips for Textured Hair

by Anjelina Tongco

Embracing the natural texture of your hair has never been more on-trend, and with the right curling iron techniques, you can enhance those gorgeous waves even more. Whether you have straight hair and would like loose beach waves or already boast some natural curls, the versatility of a curling wand opens up a world of styling possibilities. In this guide, we'll explore different ways to use a hair curling wand and other related tools like a curling iron, a curling machine, and even a flat iron for creating stunning curls that celebrate the unique beauty of textured hair.

Choosing the Right Curling Tool:

Before diving into the styling techniques, it's crucial to choose the right curling iron for your hair type and desired look. For those who prefer looser, more natural waves, a curling wand with a thicker barrel may be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you're aiming for tighter curls, a hot tools curling iron with a smaller barrel can give you more defined results.

Preparing Your Hair:

To achieve the best results, start with clean, dry hair. Apply a heat protectant spray to shield your strands from potential damage caused by the hair curling iron. For added texture and hold, consider using a volumizing mousse or sea salt spray.

Classic Curls with a Curling Wand:

Begin by sectioning your hair to ensure an even curling process. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the curling wand, holding the ends away from the heat to create a more relaxed, beachy wave. Repeat this process throughout your hair, alternating the direction of the curls for a natural look.

Defined Curls with a Hot Tools Curling Iron:

For those seeking more defined curls, a curling iron is your go-to tool. Take smaller sections of hair and wrap them around the barrel, holding for a few seconds before releasing. This method provides a tighter curl, perfect for adding volume to your textured locks.

Stunning Waves with any Curling Machine:

If you're short on time or looking for a way to achieve beautiful waves, a curling machine can be a game-changer. The great thing about this technique is that any curling machine works great on all types of hair. Whether you’re a clamp-type wand kinda gal or a straight curling bar sort of person, you can create effortless waves with your preferred curling machine. These styling tools can create stunning curls for you and also create those gorgeous, relaxed waves.

Flat Iron Curls for a Sleek Look:

Surprisingly, your trusty flat iron can also be used to create what we like to call flat iron curls. Take small sections of hair, clamp the flat iron near the roots, and twist it away from your face as you glide down the length of your hair. This technique creates a sleeker, more polished curl, perfect for a night out.

Experimenting with different curling iron techniques allows you to fully embrace the natural waves and texture of your hair. Whether you opt for the classic curls of a curling wand, the defined curls of a curling iron, the ease of a curling machine, or the sleek curls of a flat iron, the key is to celebrate and enhance what nature gave you. So, grab your favorite styling tool and let your beautiful, textured hair shine!