Diffuser Tips for Curly Hair

by Anjelina Tongco

There’s a trend going around social media platforms like Tiktok and Youtube where people are discovering, after so many years of living with straight but eternally frizzy hair, that they’re actually curly. 

The discovery comes after trying out a hair routine that’s meant for curly hair. The results are always awesome, but it does beg the question: what happens next? Do they just forget about the hair care routine they’ve had for so long and replace it with a new one? 

Knowing how tough it can be to care for curly hair for the first time, there is one tool that every curly girl needs to have and that is a hair dryer with a hair diffuser attachment. It’s that plastic cone accessory with spikes or “teeth” at the end and it’s meant to help spread heat better and more evenly on textured, curly hair. Feeling overwhelmed by this accessory? Here are some diffuser tips for curly hair. 

  1. Use a heat protectant - never skip using a heat protectant when using a styling tool that emits heat. This will reduce the amount of damage your hair gets so it can stay healthy and shiny. 
  2. Start with damp hair - wrap your hair in a towel or a t-shirt to absorb some of the water that’s still left on your hair. Never blow dry soaking wet hair straight out of the shower, no matter what your hair type is. 
  3. Get a blow dryer with a Cool Shot setting - the best blow dryer for curly hair is one that has a Cool Shot setting. This function releases a shot of cool air which is ideal to use as the last step when drying curly hair to give it a nice, shiny finish. 
  4. Diffuse on cool - use the cool setting on your hair blower when using the diffuser for your curls. Using cold air will help your curls keep their shape. It’s a great way to avoid having frizzy hair as well. 
  5. Strategic positioning is a must - diffuse towards your head if you want to avoid messing up your curls and developing frizz in your hair. For more volume, flip your hair downward and blow dry with the diffuser from the ends of your hair up. 

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