Easy and Stylish Hairstyles for Women You Can Do With A Trimmer

by Anjelina Tongco

If there’s anything the past few years have taught us, it’s how to do a lot of things on our own. Case in point: hair cuts and hair trims. Who would’ve thought they’d be cutting their own hair at home. Many people resort to use at home tools such as kitchen shears. Those who take the role a bit more seriously invest in proper tools like scissors and hair clippers or trimmers. Even though most cutting tools out there are marketed to be men’s clippers and trimmers, they still proved quite handy and useful for women. 

We’ve gathered a number of easy and stylish hairstyles for women that you can do with a hair cutting trimmer. Don’t worry, these are all beginner friendly hairstyles that are easy to do.

1. One-length haircut - the one-length haircut is the perfect look to aim for if all you have on hand are electric hair clippers. Without the complication of layers, this look is simple and uncomplicated and you can achieve it in just a few quick and easy steps. If you have scissors, you can use that to thin your tips down so your hair doesn’t end up looking thick and bushy. Check out this tutorial to see how it’s done. Pro Tip: trim a little at a time so you don’t end up cutting more than you intend to.

2. Bob cut - if you’ve been wanting to try giving yourself a bob cut, now is the perfect time to do so. Whether it’s a long bob or a short one that you want, your hair trimmer can surely help you with getting the look. Doing a bob cut with a clipper is pretty similar to doing a one-length cut except you want a bit more graduation in length with a bob cut. Idealy, the front should be somewhat longer than the back without necessarily introducing layers. See how easy it is to do here

3. Undercut with fade - want to switch up your look and go for something less girly and more edgy? An undercut might just be the look for you. This cool hairstyle is easy, though it takes quite a bit of time to perfect. You’ll also be using the clipper guards (aka the attachments your barber clipper came with) to really get a that nice, layered look so your fade can standout and pop. Check out this awesome tutorial

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