Gourmand Hair Colors You Need To Try This Year

by Anjelina Tongco

Year after year, we look forward to the hair trends that the new year (or even the season) has in store for us. This year, we’re expecting to see tons more gourmand hair colors.

If you included “try bolder hair colors for 2023” in your New Year’s beauty resolutions, these are the gourmand hair colors you need to try. 

  1. Creme Brulee Blonde - with the warmer seasons just a few more weeks away, everyone’s starting to look for a light look and this blonde balayage hair look would be the perfect one to kick the spring and summer seasons off with! Made by hand-painting the hair with a beautiful blend of pale and golden honey tones, this blonde hair color look is soft, feminine, and easy to pull off. 
  2. Smoked Marshmallow - still looking for a look that can help you transition from cool to warm with ease? Starting with an ash blonde hair color base, this look is injected with dark highlights and dark roots to give it that smoky vibe. 
  3. Brown Sugar Boba - here’s something for the brunettes out there who aren’t about to go blonde for spring and summer. A sweet treat for dark-haired beauties, this dark brown hair look is all about hues of dark chocolate brown melded with sweet caramel and honey highlights. 
  4. Sweet Cinnamon Swirl - need a sweet compromise between brown hair and blonde hair color? Try this look inspired by those ooey, gooey, sticky cinnamon buns everybody loves! Start with a brown base and work your hair out with contrasting highlights and lowlights to complete the look.                                       
  5. Milkshake Blonde - here’s a milkshake that will bring those boys to the yard. This gorgeous take on blonde will make you want to drink it up and take a trip back to the 90s. To get the look, start with a blonde base and add different shades of blonde for highlights. 

There’s no better time to try new hair looks than now! Which one of these are you going to try soon?