Hair Colors That Bring Out Your Blue Eyes

by Anjelina Tongco

Blue eyes and a smile are often enough to catch anyone’s attention. That doesn’t mean, though, that it’s wrong to want to style your look in a way that makes them pop even more. 

Whether you have naturally blue eyes or you have contact lenses to thank for those beautiful blues, the right hair color can make them look more stunning and vibrant. Of course, that would depend on other factors like skin tone, too. 

In case you’re wondering, here are some of the best colors that will bring out your blue eyes. 


Red hair and blue eyes -- it’s a classic ginger combo and one that’s not too easy to come by every day. If you already have blue eyes, then all you really need to complete the look is red hair. Try an orange-y red hue or go bold and get a fiery red color on. It might just be your new favorite look! 

Ash blonde 

If you have pale skin and blue eyes, the perfect hair color to go for to bring out those eyes would be blonde; more specifically: ash blonde. This icy cool shade pairs well with icy blue eyes and makes a look that’s certified cool. 

Brown hair with blonde highlights

For the ladies with darker skin tones and blue eyes, you can achieve a sexy, exotic look by pairing your blue eye color with brown hair and blonde highlights. This is a perfect look to try and achieve for summer, though it looks great all year round as well! 


Blue on blue? Why not! Blue hair and blue eyes together in one look may be too overwhelming for some but, if you’re feeling brave, this look could be something you could pull off. What shade of blue, you ask? Well, that depends on how bold you’re feeling at the moment and how committed you are to the look. Go for a lighter shade if you want something a bit more subdued or rock an electric blue hue for an unapologetically chic vibe. 

Pastel pink

Think you can pull off pastel pink hair? If you have blue eyes, this fun combo is worth a shot! Pastel pink hair and blue eyes make a fun, whimsical combo. It’s a great look to use when you’re cosplaying, but also a look you can wear on an everyday basis as long as you’re bold and brave enough to rock it.