Hair Hacks For Gorgeous Hair Using Hair Rollers

by Anjelina Tongco

Hair rollers are so underrated. A lot of people think they’re old people curlers, but they’re just as good (if not better than) a curling iron, especially if you’re looking to get gorgeous, glamorous curls on days when you’re pressed for time. If you’re not getting the right kind of curls when using your hot rollers, you may not be using them right. Here are a few hair hacks to get gorgeous hair with heated rollers

  • Don’t condition before you curl 
  • Styling second-day hair is always easier. The curls tend to stick better and last longer which is why experts recommend not washing your hair a day before styling it, especially if you’re going to be using a styling tool like hot curlers

  • Let it cool 
  • Don’t take out your heated hair rollers before they’ve completely cooled down. This will allow the curl to set more so it lasts longer and looks better. Don’t worry, most rollers will cool down in 5 to 10 minutes after you put them on so it won’t really eat up a lot of your time. 

  • Finger comb only 
  • Once you’re done curling your hair with the rollers, ditch the comb and the hair brush and finger comb your hair instead. Brushing or combing with a tool can disrupt the curls so it’s better to separate them using your fingers. 

  • Section off hair before curling
  • If you want better-looking curls, section off your hair before curling instead of picking up sections from random spots and wrapping them around the rollers. The average person will need to do about 6 to 8 sections while those with thicker and/or textured hair will need to do more. 

  • Use different sizes 
  • The great thing about hot rollers is that most sets come with rollers in different sizes. Use these to create more natural-looking curls. Smaller rollers go in front where the hair is usually shorter while the bigger ones go in the back where hair is usually longer. 

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