Hair Removal Tips For First-Timers

by Anjelina Tongco

Hair removal can be a scary feat. It’s often painful which is why most people never bother to schedule an appointment with a proper, professional waxer or even toy around with the idea of DIYing it at home. If you’re thinking about getting your hair waxed, whether it’s body or facial hair removal, make sure to read through this post. 

We’ll be sharing with you a few hair removal tips for first-timers that will hopefully make the process smoother and less painful for you. You can use these tips for both professional and at-home treatments so read on! 

  1. Replace shaving cream/foam with oil - while shaving cream/foam can be very helpful in helping your razor glide through smoothly, the formulation of these types of products can often be drying for the skin. As a result, your skin might end up being irritated. Use oil instead. It does the same thing and leaves your skin well-moisturized. Doing this also helps prolong the life of your blades.


  1. Exfoliate before waxing - whether you’re doing facial hair removal or body hair removal (yes, bikini line included), exfoliating before the actual hair removal process is a must. This will save you from having to do an ingrown hair removal session down the line.

  1. Don’t shave/wax open wounds - this is more of a rule than a tip, but one that many often forget. Removing hair from an area where there is an open would causes irritation and infection. Wait until the wound heals before shaving or cover the wounded area up entirely before shaving/waxing. 

  1. Use a depilatory cream - using a depilatory cream can cut your hair removal time by half. The results last longer and there’s less chance of irritating your skin as well. Using a depilatory cream regularly can also help you get rid of hair permanently as the cream is able to remove hair from underneath instead of just the surface like waxing and shaving does. 

  1. Direction matters - the direction toward which you pull a wax strip or shave makes a big impact on the result of your hair removal session. When shaving, shave with the grain to avoid razor burns. When waxing, pull against the grain for a cleaner pull.