Here Are The Dark Hair Colors You’re Going to Want For Fall

by Anjelina Tongco

Now that summer is over and we’re slowly inching towards the colder seasons, many people are going to want to change their looks to make them appropriate for fall. In the summer, many people opted to go blonde since it is one of the best and easiest ways to go light for the season. Others with naturally dark hair opted for blonde highlights instead which definitely made their hair look more summer-ready. 

This time around, most people will want to go with a darker shade on their hair. If you’re new to this, you might think the only option is to go with a black or dark brown hair color. While those two colors are great options, they’re not the only colors you can do for fall. 

Looking for fall hair color ideas that’ll get you right into the feels of autumn? Here are all the dark hair colors you’re going to want to try for the season. 

  1. Chocolate brown hair color with dark caramel highlights - this hair color looks as delicious as it sounds. A rich, warm, dark brown base made more interesting with dark caramel highlights makes for a cozy fall hair color option. If you’re looking for a way to wear brown hair that’s not boring, this might just be what you’re looking for.
  2. Rich brunette - this dark brown hair color looks natural, even on natural blondes. At first glance, it looks like a monotonous shade of brown but it’s actually not. The rich brunette look is achieved by starting with a brown base and adding highlights and lowlights of other brown hues close to the base’s color. 
  3. Copper - year after year, copper hair remains a favorite among people who are looking to go dark but not too dark for fall. What’s great about copper as hair color is that it may look overwhelming but it’s actually quite easy to pull off. It looks great on just about any skin color, too. 
  4. Reddish brown - love the look of copper but think it’s too much for your personal preference? We get that. Instead of going copper, why don’t you go for medium brown hair with reddish hues? Hair dye colors like auburn, dark ginger, and mahogany are all awesome options to consider if you’re planning on going for this kind of color. If you want the same effect but with a lighter base, strawberry blonde hair might be a good option for you, too! 
  5. Bronde - a cross between blonde and brown, this fun hair color is perfect for those torn between going blonde and going brunette. Bronde is one of the easiest hair colors to pull off and maintain. Because of the mix of blonde and brown hues used to achieve this look, even new growth can blend in and make the look all the more natural. 

And if going to the salon isn’t an option for you right now, know that you can always DIY your hair color at home. All you need is basic hair coloring knowledge, a good tutorial to follow, and some trusty hair coloring tools and products so make sure to visit Hairsense and shop for all your hair coloring needs now.