How To Care For Your Hair Clipper

by Anjelina Tongco

If there’s one thing every man should have in his haircare routine/arsenal, it’s a hair clipper. This hair tool for men is efficient in helping you keep your hair looking fresh and sharp at all times without spending too much on a cut or a trim. 

No matter what hair clipper you have, know that it will never live up to its full potential without proper care. Even the best hair clippers stop working well when they are neglected. If you want your clipper to keep performing like it’s new, you need to do your part and take care of it. Whether you have a body trimmer, nose trimmer, or a regular hair trimmer, here are some tips to help you care for your clipper and make it last much longer. 

  1. Clean it after every use - remove those teeny tiny hairs that are lodged in between the blades by using a brush. Most clippers will come with a few attachments for cleaning and maintenance, including a mini brush you can use to get rid of hair stuck on the clipper and in between. Cleaning your clipper could also include very slightly dipping the blade in some water and turning it on to let the vibrations shake the hairs off in the liquid. 
  2. Replace blades regularly - another way to make sure your clipper keeps performing at its best is to replace the blades regularly. Big brands like WAHL hair clippers are easy to find replacements for. If you’re using a different brand, you could try getting universal blade replacements from Amazon as well. 
  3. Oil it up - remember to oil your clipper every time you use them. Doing this will help your clipper blades stay sharp and fresh, even after so many uses. Without oil, you’re exposing your clipper blades to excessive friction which can damage it. Make sure to use only clipper oil and not WD-40 or baby oil which can be too thick and could lead to clogs in your equipment.
  4. Make sure the blades are aligned - when oiling your clipper blades, make sure they aren’t misaligned as you put them back on. Misaligned blades can make an unpleasant noise when you’re using your clipper and they can nip you while you’re trimming your hair as well. 
  5. Get clippercide - Whether you use a shared clipper or you have a personal one that only you have access to, using Clippercide will help your clipper last longer. Clippercide is an all-in-one lube, disinfectant, cleaner, coolant, and rust prevention formula made especially for clipper blades. 

Of course, the time will still come when you’ll need to replace your clipper but taking care of it and following these tips will make that time come much slower, saving you money and the hassle of finding another clipper.