How to Color Your Hair at Home Like A Pro

by Anjelina Tongco

A trip to the salon is a great way to treat yourself and practice some self-love. If you’re stuck at home or don’t have the budget to book an appointment with your stylist right now but you also need to get your hair color done, we might just have the thing for you. 

Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning on coloring your hair at home. Follow these tips to get results that will make you look like you’ve stepped fresh out of a salon.     

  • Prepare everything that you need
  • Watch a few tutorials online and figure out what tools and products you need to achieve the look you want. Make sure that you have everything you need before you get started. Some products are time-sensitive so you wouldn’t want to mess that up and end up with a funny dye job. 

  • Stick to whatever hair color is available from your preferred brand
  • Coloring your own hair can make you feel more confident, but don’t let it all get to your head. If you’re thinking of being more adventurous and mixing your own color, don’t. Just leave that to the pros when you’re able to book an appointment with your stylist. For now, stick to whatever pre-mixed color is available. Lucky for you, brands are all about range these days so it’s not that hard to find a boxed mix that you’ll love, be it an ash color, a rad green hair, or maybe a classic blonde hair color

  • Get one box more than you need
  • A single box of hair dye is usually enough to cover an entire head of hair. If you have longer hair or thicker hair, though, you might need two boxes. Whatever amount you think you need, add one box more before you head to the checkout counter. DIY hair coloring sessions don’t always go well. Having an extra box on hand means you won’t have to go to the beauty supply store with half-colored hair to buy another box that’ll finish up the job. 

  • Keep your skin streak-free
  • Hair dye running from your hair to your skin is inevitable, especially if you’re doing your own hair coloring at home. To prevent the hair dye from leaving streaks of color on your skin, you can use petroleum jelly or lip balm. Slather some across your forehead, over your ears, and on the sides of your face before dyeing your hair. Any color that runs off will come off as you wipe or wash the jelly off. 

  • Spread it with a brush
  • Instead of squeezing product onto your hair and then rifling through your hair to distribute the product, pour your hair color mixture into a bowl and use a brush to apply and spread the product around. This will take a little bit more time but will give you better, more evenly colored hair. It will also get you closer to getting that balayage hair color look. 

  • Work in sections
  • If you want to end up with hair that looks like it’s been done by a pro, you’re going to put in the extra effort to make your DIY dye job look good. Instead of randomly applying the product on your hair, divide your hair into at least 6 sections. Work in these sections one by one for even product distribution. 

  • Start at the roots and work your way down
  • This nifty little technique will also help ensure that you have even color on your hair. A lot of people make the mistake of starting to color their hair near the middle and that often results into an ‘ombre-gone-wrong’ type of deal. 

  • Switch to products made for colored hair
  • Don’t you just hate it when your newly done golden blonde hair starts turning green all of a sudden? Or when you just dyed your hair a pretty brunette hair color then it starts turning more orange than brown? You can avoid that by using products that are specially formulated for colored hair.