How to Get A Salon Blowout Look At Home

by Anjelina Tongco

Having your own hair dryer at home is like having your own mini-salon. This versatile hairstyling tool can help you achieve tons of looks without the help of a professional. Of course, just owning a blow dryer isn’t enough. You need to know how to use it, too! In this article, we’ll share with you some tips and tricks on how to get the look of a salon blowout right in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re actually going somewhere special tonight, or you just want to learn how to look amazing for those daily Zoom meetings, read on and learn how you can use your blow dryer to the fullest. 

  1. Find the best hair dryer your budget allows - the first step to having that salon blowout look at home is to get the best hair dryer you can afford without going over your budget. The better your hair dryer is, the nicer your blowout will turn out to be. A few things to look out for to ensure you’re getting a good deal are: multiple heat settings, accessories that come with the tool, high wattage, and more. 
  2. Use the appropriate nozzle - most hair dryers come with at least 1 attachment: a nozzle. This attachment will help you focus the heat on one section at a time. Doing this will help minimize damage and prevent frizz. If you have curly/textured hair, you’re going to want to get a hairdryer with a diffuser for curly hair
  3. Do it in sections - don’t just point your hair dryer at a random spot on your head and hope for the best. To get that salon blowout look, you’ll want to do your hair section by section, just like how you would do it if you were to curl or straighten it. 
  4. Don’t start with completely dry hair - don’t air dry your hair totally before using a hair dryer. Instead, do it when your hair is around 80% dry. This will give you more control over your and it’ll result in bigger volume for your hair as well.
  5. Follow up with a hair dryer brush - also called a thermal brush, this tool can help give you a look that’ll make people think it was done by a pro. A hair dryer brush is often round so you can use it on days when you’re in a hurry and just need something quick to make your hair look nice, too. 
  6. Don’t forget the serum - once you’re done blow drying your hair, don’t forget the final step: adding a coat of hair serum to your hair. This will protect your hair from damage and it’ll also give it a nice shine!

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