How To Get Rid of Greasy Hair

by Anjelina Tongco

It’s not the best thing to have but greasy hair happens to everyone, even those that stick to their haircare routine daily and to a tee. 

On days when you wake up with greasy hair, know that you don’t have to sit around and fuss about it or wait until the day is over and hope that tomorrow your tresses look better. We’ve rounded up tips on how to get rid of greasy hair so you can always have your hair looking its best. 

  1. Use a comb, not a brush - using a brush to detangle your hair is a great way to get rid of knots and spread oils around. The latter contributes greatly to having greasy hair. Instead of using a hairbrush, use a comb (specifically a wide-toothed one) to avoid damage and greasy hair
  2. Do a hair detox - another thing that might be contributing to your greasy hair are all the chemical and dirt build up on your scalp. If you think your hair is starting to grease up more than usual, you might want to consider doing a hair detox. It doesn’t matter that you’re using the newest, most expensive, best shampoo for oily hair, you still need to get a hair detox. To start the process, try using a clarifying shampoo once a week and see how it goes. 
  3. Use dry shampoo - if you find yourself with greasy hair and no time to wash it off, a generous amount of dry shampoo can fix that for you. Dry shampoo can get rid of your greasy hair almost instantly, but it’s not a permanent fix. Using too much dry shampoo can cause buildup which can make the greasiness worse so don’t make a bad habit out of it and use it only when necessary. Remember that dry shampoo doesn’t replace using your regular shampoo so you still need to wash your hair. 
  4. Switch to a different shampoo - still on the topic of shampoos, have you considered switching to a different shampoo yet? The one you’re using now might contain shine-inducing, overly moisturizing ingredients or it could be full of synthetic ingredients. Look for shampoos made for oily hair and use that instead. 

Like your skin, your hair and scalp needs proper care and maintenance too. If your current hair routine isn’t working for you and is leaving you with greasy hair, it’s time to do something about it!