How To Get The Most Out Of Your Curling Iron

by Anjelina Tongco

They say a hair straightener is better than a curling iron because you can do both (curling and straightening hair, yes flat iron curls are possible) with it. However, a curling iron can be just as versatile, you just have to know which kind to get and which one to avoid. In fact, many hair experts believe that a curling iron makes for a better beginner’s heat styling tool than a hair straightener as long as you know how to use it and maximize it. 

So, how do you get the most out of your curling iron? Here are some tips. 

If you have yet to buy a curling iron: 

  1. Get one with interchangeable barrels - having multiple barrels that you can use with your hair wand is a great way to get more looks and more use out of your heat styling tool. We recommend getting something like the Amika Chameleon Interchangeable Curling Set which comes with 5 different barrel sizes that you can switch between, depending on how loose or how tight you want your curls to come out. 
  2. Don’t go clampless - it may seem like a good idea to go clampless when buying a curling iron since it’ll be easier to use but a hair wand with a clamp can give you more looks. For example, crimping your hair would be impossible with a clampless curling iron but it’s easy if you have a clamped barrel to hold on to the hair as you crimp it. 

If you already have one sitting at home: 

  1. Clean your curling iron after every use - over time, dirt builds up on the surface of your curling iron, making it less efficient and making the heat less evenly distributed. Some people throw away perfectly good curling irons thinking it’s no longer working the way it used to when it was new but, in reality, all it needs is a bit of cleaning. 
  2. Don’t wind up the cord too tightly - many people make the mistake of winding up the cord too tightly on their curling iron wand. As a result, the cord often breaks somewhere inside the tube and stops working. 

Making the most out of your curling iron doesn’t just mean knowing how to use it in different ways. It’s also taking care of your tool so it lasts longer.