How To Minimize Hair Fall During and After Pregnancy

by Anjelina Tongco

Ask anyone who’s been pregnant and they’d tell you that hair fall is one of the most annoying things about the otherwise lovely experience. The shedding starts early on and doesn’t stop until the baby is about a year old, sometimes even longer. While not everyone will have the same experience or experience hair loss at all during pregnancy, the condition is totally normal. It’s can be caused by a few different factors like stress, hormonal changes, genetics, and more. Looking for ways to escape this common situation? Check out these tips for minimizing hair fall during and after pregnancy. 

  • Try a volumizing shampoo and conditioner duo 
  • Still using your old shampoo and conditioner? It might be time to switch to a combat that has volumizing effects to help you combat your issues with hair loss. Since hair fall during and after pregnancy is expected, one thing you can do is to just “shed it out” and use a shampoo and conditioner combo that’ll help you regrow hair so it goes back quickly to its fuller and more lush state. 

  • Deep condition your hair regularly 
  • Deep conditioning your hair at least once every week can help the strands get more of the nutrients they need to stay strong so they don’t fall and break as easily. This may not be a hair fall solution per se, but it does help with the issue. The great thing about deep conditioning, too, is that it gives long-term results so you can count on it helping you speed up your way to better, healthier, and thicker hair. 

  • Level up your hair care game
  • If your hair care routine starts with washing your hair with shampoo and ends with using a conditioner right after, you need to step up.  There are tons more hair products you can use now and a lot of them can help with your hair fall woes. Look into hair oils and hair serums and try out one or two new products every now and then to see if it works for you. You could also seek the help of a pro and get hair products to help with your hair fall. 

  • Avoid tight hairstyles
  • Keeping your hair up in a tight ponytail may seem like the best way to get those pesky strands out of the way while you tend to your new baby after pregnancy, but doing that can actually lead to more hair fall. Instead of sporting a tight hairstyle every day, get a trim instead! It’s like giving your scalp a new chance to regrow hair so it can be more healthy and thick. 

    While it would have been ideal to get a keratin treatment and other similar hair treatments for hair fall, these aren’t advisable for pregnant and new moms. Thankfully, there are plenty of products out there that are safe and easy to use! Make sure to check out Hairsense to find the solution to your hair fall problems.