How to Pull Off Bright Hair Colors For Everyday Looks

by Anjelina Tongco

Dyeing your hair a fun, bright color is always a good idea. That is, until it’s time to go back to work or to school where you are expected to look a little more… well… tame. While getting away with a head full of neon locks could be quite the challenge, there are still plenty of ways to pull off bright hair colors for your everyday looks. And, yes, these include looks for the office and for school! 

  • Do a single streak of color
  • This is one of the most subtle ways to pull off bright colors on your hair without putting too much attention on yourself. If you have platinum blonde hair, add a streak of any color you like. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the streak will stand out. For darker colors like chocolate brown hair, you can try lighter, brighter colors like neon green and the like. 

    Blue streak on dark hair

  • Try the peekaboo hair trend 
  • The peekaboo hair trend is a fun one! On the outside, it looks like you’re sporting your regular brown hair color (or maybe blonde or gray) but, once you do the slightest flip, a bit of brightness peeks through! Try this trend with blue hair, pink hair, or even lavender hair

    Peekaboo hair 

  • Own it! 
  • If your everyday environment allows you to be as creative as you want to be in terms of expressing yourself, there’s really no need to hide that bright hue on your hair! Own it and style your hair as bold and as colorful as you want it to look. You might even want to try holo hair or rainbow hair which can be achieved by mixing red hair, orange hair, green hair, and other bright hair colors. 

    Rainbow hair 

  • Color your bangs bold 
  • Getting bangs is already a pretty bold move, but you can take the boldness up a notch by dyeing just your bangs a fun color (or maybe a few fun colors, if you’re brave!). Whether you choose to do a streak of color on your bangs, or a hand-painted balayage color across the whole thing, it’s totally up to you. Check this out for inspiration. 

    Bold bangs