Lazy Girl Hair Hacks You Should Know

by Anjelina Tongco

There’s nothing wrong with tweaking your hair routine to save time (and maybe even money). There’s also nothing wrong with admitting that you’re simply too lazy to follow the whole procedure as long as you get the same look in the end. 

Looking for lazy girl hair hacks? We’ve got them right here. 

  1. Get a Tangle Teezer - detangling your hair is easier when it’s wet. As long as you’re using the right hairbrush for the job, you can forget about damaging your hair too much and having it shed later. 
  2. Brush before you shower - don’t want to spend money on a Tangle Teezer? Another way to get rid of knots and tangles easily after washing your hair is to brush it beforehand. Going into the shower with tangle-free hair reduces the risk for tangles. It also reduces the amount of hair that falls off of your hair so it can save your drain from clogging, too.
  3. Quick curls - don’t want to spend an entire hour curling your hair? Tie it up in a pony tail before you start curling. You’ll have fewer sections to deal with and you’ll finish in half the time (or less). You can even pull off curling hair with flat iron with this tip too. 
  4. Invest in a boar bristle brush - using a boar bristle brush with your blow dryer will give you shiny hair and eliminate the need for hair oils, serums, and anti-frizz treatments. 
  5. Instant added volume - don’t want to deal with using a round brush or setting your hair in hot rollers every time? Take the hair dyer diffuser tool that came with your hair dryer and use it when you dry your hair. It will diffuse heat evenly and give you an instant boost in volume, no matter what your hair type is. 
  6. Another volumizing trick - if you want volume but don’t want to do a lot of work on your hair, just do the crimping trick. Separate the top layer of your hair and pin it to the other side then crimp the layer underneath it before putting it back in place. The crimped layer will add instant volume to your look and it only takes 5 minutes to do! Don’t have a crimper? Just braid into smaller sections and heat it up with your hair iron

Just because you feel lazy sometimes doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. Take these lazy girl hair hacks and remember to use them the next time you’re not feeling up to putting too much time and effort into your hair.