Should You Own Different Kinds of Hair Brushes?

by Anjelina Tongco

As a low-maintenance gal, you might be wondering what all those many different kinds of hair brushes are all about. There’s the round brush, your classic paddle brush, vented brush, boar bristle brush, wet brush, and more. 

Are these hair brushes really necessary? Should one person own all of them? What are the differences between each one and how do you choose which one you should get for yourself? These might be some of the questions running through your head right now. Don’t worry, we have the answers for you right here. Keep reading to find out whether you should own different kinds of hair brushes and which kinds you should get for your hair. 

The thing is, these different types of hairbrushes serve different purposes. While you can always make do with the classic all-around paddle brush, you would be doing your hair a disservice by not giving it the right kind of care it needs. The kind that only a special hair brush can provide. Depending on your hair type and your lifestyle, you would be needing at least 2 different kinds of hair brushes for your everyday hair routine. Here are some of the most common types of hair brushes you’ll find in the market and what purpose they serve. 

  1. Paddle brush - this is one of the most versatile hair brushes you can get. Every girl owns a paddle brush. It works well on all hair types and does the job if you’re only using it to detangle and smoothen out your hair.
  2. Vented brush - this type of brush is very similar to a paddle brush in terms of versatility. One key difference that sets them apart, though, is the fact that you can use a vented brush for detangling wet hair. Since vented brushes are designed with holes or vents, air is able to pass through, allowing your hair to dry faster. 
  3. Detangling brush - a detangling brush is a must-have for every girl who wants silky, smooth hair. What distinguishes a detangling brush from all other brushes is its bristles. The bristles on a detangling brush are placed rather closely together. They often come in at least 2 varying heights/sizes, too. This type of brush can get rid of knots and tangles with minimal damage to your hair. Most designs are quite compact and handy, too! 
  4. Wet brush - for the people who are always on the go and barely have time to blow dry their hair in the morning before leaving home, a wet brush is a must-have. This looks similar to a detangling brush, but the bristles on a wet hair brush are a bit more flexible so they don’t tug at the hair as harshly. 
  5. Hot brush - last on the list is the hot brush. This is perfect for those who love multi-use hair tools because it can serve as a brush for detangling and a heat tool for styling your hair. It can dry damp hair, too; just run the hot brush through your hair until it’s dry and you’re good to go! 

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