The Beard Oil Basics

by Anjelina Tongco

Throughout the years, we’re glad to see more hair care products being developed for men. Because of their novelty and the fact that men have gone so long without using them, though, some question whether these products are actually essential or just another one of those nice-to-have-but-not-necessary items. One of these products is beard oil. 

So, what exactly is beard oil? Are there any benefits to using it? How do you use it effectively? If you’re a guy who’s feeling just as lost, curious, and clueless about this product, don’t worry; we got you. 

Let’s dive into it!

What is beard oil? 

Beard oil is basically a beard hair conditioner. It’s made from a blend of oils and other ingredients to help keep your beard hair softer and more nourished. Some beard oils are infused with active ingredients to target specific beard issues. Got a patchy beard? There’s beard growth oil that can help you grow a fuller and lusher beard for that. Prickly stubble? Use a beard oil that softens beard hair so it feels nicer. 

Most beard oils can be used for head hair too! If you’re looking for a multi-use product to help you save time (and money!), you might want to consider trying beard oil. 

Benefits of using beard oil

There are plenty of benefits that you can get from using beard oil. Aside from helping you cut back on your hair care expenses, it can also help you save time reaching for multiple products in the morning or deciding which one to get in the store. Here are some more benefits of using beard oil:

  • Softens and nourishes the beard 
  • Have you ever noticed just how dry beard hair can be when you just let it grow out and/or leave it as it is? When you use beard oil, your beard hair gets the deep conditioning that it otherwise wouldn’t get. Some beard oils even have nutrients that’ll restore your beard hair to its former glory. 

  • Helps make beard maintenance so much easier 
  • There are so many fun beard shapes out there, but you can’t try to grow your beard like that if it won’t cooperate and look good. Struggling to achieve healthy beard growth? Your beard might not be in the best shape right now because it’s been neglected for so long. Using a beard oil can help keep your beard in tiptop shape so it’s a breeze to maintain. 

  • Moisturizes the skin underneath the beard 
  • Another thing that often gets overlooked is the skin underneath the beard. By using a moisturizing beard oil, you’re not only taking care of your beard but the skin underneath it too. The oil can help moisturize that area, preventing dryness and itchiness which are both common issues that bearded guys face. 

    How to Use Beard Oil Effectively 

    If you want to reap the benefits of using a beard oil, you need to get the best of the best for your beard. Aside from finding the best beard oil, here are a few more tips on how to use bear oil effectively. 

  • Use it with other beard products
  • Beard care can be just as complex as regular hair care. There are tons of other beard products out there that you can use alongside beard oil, like beard balm or beard shampoo and conditioner. You can also get yourself a beard care kit like this one if you’re a newbie looking to try out different beard products without the hassle or confusion. 

  • Use beard oil on damp beard
  • Use beard oil right after you shower, when your beard is still damp. This will make it so much easier for the product to penetrate your skin and get absorbed, thus giving you better results. 

  • Always comb your beard after using beard products 
  • You don’t want product buildup on your beard; that will just make it look crusty. To ensure that the products you’re using on your beard are being distributed properly, use a beard comb or a beard brush (depending on the length of your beard). These tools are especially helpful if you’re the type who likes styling their beard, too! 

    Now that you’re equipped with the basic knowledge about beard care and beard oils, it’s time to search for the right beard products for you. Check out this page to see Hairsense’s amazing collection of products to help you achieve a healthy, good looking beard. Stay tuned for more beard-related posts, too!