The Benefits of Using a Scalp Brush

by Anjelina Tongco

Have you heard of scalp brushing? It sounds fancy, but also kind of unique, right? If you don’t know what a scalp brush is or what scalp brushing is for, no worries. We do and we’re excited to let you in on this new-ish hair and scalp care trend that’s making waves on social media these days. 

So, a scalp brush is basically a handheld tool that you use to, well, brush your scalp. It looks like a mini hair brush with bigger, shorter, and more flexible bristles that are often made of silicone or other material. It comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose and give you the same benefits. 

So, what exactly are the benefits of using a scalp brush? Are they worth the extra 5 to 10 minutes you spend in the shower? Read on and find out. 

  • It gets rid of dead skin from your scalp - dead skin often builds up on your scalp and clogs your pores which can lead to greasy hair. Brushing your scalp regularly can help prevent this problem and help with keeping your scalp fresh and clean all the time. 
  • It minimizes dandruff - suffering from dandruff? Use a scalp brush when you wash your hair to minimize the amount of flaking from your scalp. 
  • It increases blood flow and circulation to your scalp - this can help boost hair growth and it can also make your hair look and feel healthier. 
  • It makes you feel relaxed - dry scalp brushing can be used as an inexpensive yet super effective form of self-care. It can relieve stress, reduce tension, and even help get rid of headaches. Next time you feel a headache coming on, grab your scalp brush and start massaging your scalp. 
  • It can help with tangly hair - people with hair that tangle easily often find themselves frustrated when they wash their hair because it starts to tangle just as you’re beginning to give your hair and scalp a good scrub. They save to never brush your hair wet but a scalp brush can act like a bit of a wet hair brush too. The wide spaces between each bristle prevents too much pulling and helps detangle hair more easily. 
  • It can help distribute products on your hair more evenly - scalp brushing is not just something you do when washing your hair in the shower. You can use it to apply other hair procuts like hair oils and hair serums, too. With a scalp brush you can work the product well into the scalp to get optimum results. 
  • It can give you a better, cleaner rinse - don’t you just hate it when, after washing your hair, you’re styling it with a hot brush and it just feels a little… sticky? Hair that’s sticky and/or stiff when dried after washing needs to be rinsed again. It means that there are still some products left on your hair that’s making it feel sticky and stiff. With a scalp brush, you get a better, cleaner rinse so you don’t have to wash your hair again after it has dried.