Top 3 Best Curling Irons For Beginners

by Anjelina Tongco

Buying your first curling iron is a big step towards having great hair every single day. Many people think that beginners should start with something cheap like a generic curling that you can buy for $15 to $20 online. If that’s all your budget can allow, that’s alright. However, if you have a bit more to splurge and you’re looking for a curling iron that’s perfect for beginners and will last you a long time, we have some recommendations for you.

Babyliss is a well-known brand in the hair industry. It’s one of those brands that almost everyone knows about. The Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron is one of their more basic and more affordable curling irons that get the job done just as well as other high-end models. This Babyliss curling wand is designed with a 1 ¼” Barrell for gorgeous classic curls. While it features a clip (which is great albeit tedious) for beginners, it can also be used clip-free if you want to get looser and more relaxed curls and waves. 

If you’re looking for professional-level, high-quality tools at entry-level prices, go with a Hot Tools curling iron. Developed for and trusted by pros to style the biggest names in beauty and fashion, Hot Tools is a brand that many people love and keep coming back to. Their Professional Spring Iron line features curling irons in various sizes, from the Micro Mini ⅜” to the Classic 1 ½”,  so you can choose which one would be the best curling iron for your everyday looks. The black and gold combo also adds an elevated touch to your vanity which is always a nice bonus. 

Another high-quality curling iron we love recommending to beginners is the Avanti Free Play Tourmaline and Ceramic Curling Iron. This entry-level curling iron is inexpensive but it works amazingly well for its price. While it doesn’t come with whole lot of bells and whistles, it’s definitely enough to get the job done if you’re just looking for something to practice with or do your everyday hair with. It also comes in different sizes and is coated with tourmaline and ceramic to keep your hair healthy. 

Beginners who are just learning how to do their hair using a curling iron are sure to love these curling irons. They’re relatively inexpensive but they’re high quality tools coming from well-known and reputable brands so you can count on them to last you quite a long time.