Trying To Grow A Full Beard? Then These Might Help

by Anjelina Tongco

It’s true, not all guys can grow beards as they please. While some seem to be abundantly blessed with facial hair that frames the face, others are struggling to get the tiniest bit of stubble growing around their chin. 

“Who even needs a beard? Or a mustache?” you ask. Well, no one needs it, but there’s no denying that having one and being able to grow one gives you extra swag points, right? If you’ve been trying but have been failing to grow a full beard, these tips and recommendations might be able to help. 

Give it some time

Growing a full beard isn’t easy. Doing it the first few times, you might feel frustrated seeing a patchy beard instead of a full one. Keep trimming and shaving it to encourage regrowth. This will lead to a fuller-looking beard later which is what most guys want. 

Use beard growth boosting products 

Just like the hair of your head (and everywhere else on your body), your facial hair needs the right kind and amount of nourishment to thrive, too! Thankfully, that’s not so hard to do. There are tons of products out in the market that encourage beard growth. You could try using beard growth oil or serum or any other beard care product that’s formulated to help it grow. 

Take vitamins and supplements for hair growth 

Collagen, niacinamide, biotin -- these are things you’re going to want to have in the vitamins/supplements mix you take if you want to grow a thicker and fuller beard. These will not only help you achieve the beard look you want but will also make the hair on your head healthier -- win win! On a tight budget? You can also try growth instead!

Try microneedling

Celebs swear by microneedling or dermarolling for great skin but did you know that this method can help you grow a big beard or a full beard as well? This process encourages a boost of nutrient-rich blood flow to the area where it is being done. It also has the potential to activate stem cell growth factors.