What’s The Best Beard Shape For Your Face?

by Anjelina Tongco

They say having facial hair is one of the signs that a boy has grown into a man and it’s true. Growing facial hair isn’t easy, especially if you want it to look great and add to your appeal. When done wrong, having a beard can make you look like a homeless wino. Do it right, though, and you could convince just about anyone that you’re the guy from last month’s GQ cover. 

There’s more to the beard than just hair on your face, you know. Whether you’re a newbie who has yet to grow his first full patch or a seasoned beard-growing-pro looking for ways to spice up their look by changing up their beard, this article is definitely going to be helpful for you. Read on to find out what’s the best beard shape for your face.

Round and Heart 

When you have a round face, you’re going to want to grow and style your beard in a way that makes your face look more chiseled. Introduce sharp angles to balance out your rounded facial features. You can go for a full beard, trimmed and shaped at a sharp angle towards the chin, to give your face more shape. Invest in a good beard trimmer and do it yourself or get a pro to do it for you. 


If you have a strong, chiseled jawline then you most probably have a square-shaped face. This face shape is best accentuated with a circle beard as it balances out your harsh features and softens it up just a little bit, making you look gentler but still very manly. A circle beard is basically the combination of a chin patch and a mustache. You can complete the look with nicely trimmed sides or you also opt for a petite goatee-like beard if you’d like to elongate your face instead. You can even go with a neck beard to soften up the look even further. 


While square is considered to be the manliest of all face shapes, oblong remains the most versatile. If you have an oblong-shaped face, you can do just about whatever with your beard. Grow it long enough to braid it, pair it up with a gentleman’s mustache, or go with a classic full beard -- whatever it is, it’s sure to look great on you! Heck, you can even pull of a viking beard, if you like! 

Whatever beard style you choose, make sure you add a few beard care products, like beard growth oil, to your daily routine to keep your beard looking nice and full. No one wants a patchy beard! Head over to Hairsense and check out our beardcare tools and beard products for men guaranteed to help you achieve the beard of your dreams.