What To Do After Seeing Your First Gray Hair

by Anjelina Tongco

Some people may freak out at the sight of their first gray hair and it’s totally understandable. After all, who isn’t the least bit afraid of growing old? But, just because you started growing grays doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for you. There are definitely lots of things you can do about this situation and we have a list prepared to help you deal. 

  1. Embrace it - there’s nothing wrong with having gray hair, be it a single strand or a whole head of it. At the right age, some people may even find it sexy for a person to just embrace going gray and rocking that gray hair color. As long as you keep maintaining your hair to be healthy, your gray hair could actually look really good on you. 
  2. Switch to products made for gray hair - if you’ve been slowly but constantly seeing more and more gray hairs pop out, you might want to consider switching to new hair products made for gray hair now. This will help strengthen your hair and keep it looking vibrant despite its color. 
  3. Compliment it with a highlight or lowlight of a different color - people who find gray hair boring and dull just don’t know how good it could look with the right highlights and/or lowlights. Pair yours with some blonde highlights for a cool, icy glow that’s perfect for winter, or add warm tones with some balayage work for a look that’s lively and interesting. 
  4. Dye it another color - if you really aren’t digging the gray hair color, you can always dye your hair another hue. The good news is it doesn’t even have to be your natural hair color (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Have fun with your hair and dye it something fun. There’s no better way to cover up the gray than with purple hair, pink, or even blue!
  5. Give it a boost - so you’re starting to see a few strands of gray here and there and the whole “salt and pepper” look isn’t the vibe you’re going for. Well, why not just go gray altogether? Or, even better, go silver. Silver hair dye isn’t that hard to find and it’s like rocking gray hair but with the extra oomph. Mix it with a tinge of purple or lavender to get an icy look or go all the way with platinum instead. 

There are plenty of things you can do to deal with gray hair. Whether you choose to embrace it, cover it up, or make it look better is totally up to you!