When Should You Switch Shampoos?

by Anjelina Tongco

Finding the right hair care products that’ll give you the kind of hair that you want can be tough. Sometimes, you think that the new shampoo you just bought is The One, only to find out days later that you’re breaking out on your forehead because it’s too harsh for your skin.

There are times, too, when your old shampoo, the one you’ve used for years, just isn’t doing it for you anymore. Somehow, it just seems to stop working. When that happens, it might be time to start looking for something new to try again. 

And, speaking of looking for a new shampoo, when should you switch shampoos? What are the telltale signs that you need something better and something new? We’ve got a few clues for you.

  1.  When your needs have changed -   your hair needs change all the time. That dandruff shampoo that has greatly helped you keep dandruff away may not be what you need anymore now that you’re looking to address dryness. Instead, you may benefit more from a shea moisture shampoo or something similar that’s moisturizing. 
  2. When your hair no longer feels as clean after a wash - remember the first time you discovered that shampoo you’re using now? It felt like magic. Your hair felt clean, and it smelled great. Now, it only smells great and no longer feels clean. Instead, it might feel sticky, greasy, maybe even a bit gunky. If this has happened to you recently, take it as a sign to start looking for a new shampoo to use. 
  3. After you’ve colored hair - colored your hair recently? It’s time to say goodbye to your regular ol’ shampoo and hello to something that’ll benefit your colored hair more. Caring for colored hair can be a bit expensive considering you’d have to maintain it to keep it vibrant. One such way to do it is to use a shampoo meant for colored hair. Purple shampoo, for example, is made especially for the upkeep of blonde hair while blue shampoo benefits brunette hair by countering orange tones that make it look brassy. Of course, there are shampoos out there made generally for colored hair, if you’re neither blonde nor brunette, too. 

There’s a lot of debate online (and offline, surely) as to how often one should change shampoos. Some say you need to do it every six months while others say to do it either more frequently or less. The truth is, only your hair can tell you when to make a switch. Once your hair no longer benefits from the one you’re currently using, then it’s a good sign to start looking for something new to try according to your current needs.